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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Newest Obsession: Recycle Culture

Despite a strong 2013, I have completely missed out on the glory that is Recycle Culture. The producer debuted his four-track album No Note earlier today - an all-around stunning cascade of piano-heavy patterns and solemnly romantic expositions. It's heart-wrenching, engrossing, and "Holy Crap" pretty. Enough so to earn the first Our Newest Obsession tag of the year.

But it's only one of Recycle Culture's six(!) short albums released since late January. Each piece (check them out courtesy of his Bandcamp) drives from piano-heavy ambient sounds, but contains variations of tempo and mood within each. No Note, perhaps, stands out as the most starkly pretty, but it's only a small piece to the 2013 collage he's put together.

Check out No Note, in full, below, and order it by the "Name Your Price" discount.

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