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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday; Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Dirty Projectors, and more.

Don't hold on to too much hope for a Friday post tomorrow, but I'll do my best to try and make it happen.

Anyway, Yeah Yeah Yeah's (who I'm delighted to mention are a likely candidate for this year's Lollapalooza) performed their single "Zero" off of their new It's Blitz! LP on Later... With Jools Holland a couple days ago. Notice Karen O's jacket, the exact same one she wore in the official "Zero" music video. I'm not sure what she's going for but I'm doubting alterna-heads are disapproving of her new style. Everyone loves the girl, and Hell, I have no real reason not to.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Zero (On Later... With Jools Holland)

The Dirty Projectors, which if you don't remember I posted about on Tuesday, have officially released MP3 of "Stillness in the Move," to those on their mailing list (sign up here). For me, however, getting the song seems to be a bit difficult, so if anyone can figure out why it's screwing up for me, it would be much appreciated.

Here's a couple downloads for you guys from Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band and Bat for Lashes, courtesy of Fluxblog and I Am Fuel, You Are Friends. Just, come on, take them.

Bat for Lashes - Good Love - MP3
Conor Oberst and The Mystic Vallet Band - Nikorette - MP3

Ending on a couple positive notes today, here's two videos that should definitely peak your interests; a shot-by-shot remake of Nickelodeon's Pete and Pete introduction song "Hey Sandy," coupled with a short-rendition of The Beach Boy's "God Only Knows Why" by Tera Melos (found at The Needle Drop) and a wonderful video brought to my attention by Rainn Wilson. Take your time with the last one.

Tera Melos - Hey Sandy

Magical Martial Arts (Thanks Rainn)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday; Man Man, Email Pile, and more.

Funny thing happened to me today. I came across an untouched comic-book called Back From the Dead? by someone by the initials of J.T.C in the bathroom of my university's art building earlier. I take the book home, noticing the art-work's fine details and story-line about a man who was declared dead, but shortly came back to life after experiencing Hell first hand.

The patient's nurse goes down the hall and asks for a priest to console the startled and bewildered patient, as his hands creep the edge of the bed-sheet over his eyes. The priest describes Hell, using constant Bible references to help the man realize his true goal in life. To be saved.

A mild feeling of confusion contorts my interest in Back From the Dead? Was this a zombie comic? Hardly. Was this about the gore and insanity of Hell? Not exactly. No, this was actually created by a company called Chick Publications, who create comics to spread the word of Christ. I had been had by an art student who obviously knew this would trick someone, and it's something I may never forget, considering my peak of interest when seeing the book sitting on the toilet roll dispenser. See for yourself what I mean.

Yet I digress my disfavorable series of events to bring you the best from today in music, which is incidentally very little.

Funny or Die has an exclusive of Man Man's new video for their single "Rabbit Habits," starring Fred Armisen, Charlyne Yi, and Martin Starr. The video returns some sensibility of romance to a Teen-Wolf disparity theme. It makes perfect sense.

I've grown a tendency to ignore a lot of the daily emails I recieve from people looking to get their music out. To be fair, most of it's crap, but a lot of the time still I recieve things that I could very well post here with some success, so, here's a recent crop of some of the neglected emails I'm giving a second chance.

Alan Wilkes - 1901 (Phoenix Remix) - MP3
Art Brut - Weird Science - MP3
Pink Mountaintops - Vampire - MP3

Finally, Spike Jonze has been on a recent tear of adapting children's books to film with Where the Wild Things Are and now, which sounds even more exciting, Everyone Poops. This marks the first time the word "Poop" has been in the title of a major motion picture.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Late Tuesday; Thermals, Dirty Projectors, Crystal Stilts, and more.

Sorry, late, still trying to clock this one in before midnight.

The Thermals debuted their video for "Now We Can See" off of the band's recently released album of the same name (via Kill Rock Stars). Typical of the band's previous video efforts, The Thermals cannot seem an allure that screams Portland, Oregon! An inclosed room, ever-changing outfits ranging from modest to cute, home movies, and arty wall-paper? I'm just surprised it didn't rain when this was filmed. Still good though.

The Thermals - Now We Can See

Stereogum (from Gorilla vs. Bear) has a first listen of Dirty Projectors' newest single "Stillness in the Move" from the band's upcoming LP Bitte Orca, out June 9. The band seems to be taking on R&B sensibilities despite still ranging their material from obscure vocal arrangements and sound scapes. Either way from the way it sounds I'm hoping those Dirty Projector's at this year's Lollapalooza rumors stay true.

Crystal Stilts are the most recent artist to grace their name on the Daytrotter daily homepage. The Brooklyn Band released their Alight of Night LP last February, but did not single in their efforts from that work alone. Definitely take a listen to the band's unreleased songs "Through the Floor" and "Sycamore." Listen and download Crystal Stilts' Daytrotter Session here.

Here's a solid group of downloads before mid-night comes in from Gorilla vs. Bear and You Ain't No Picasso, including two unbelievably enticing tracks from criminally unknown act Gliss. My description og Gliss shouldn't take away from Vaselines single "Son of a Gun," which is pretty damn good too.

Gliss - Morning Light - MP3
Gliss - 29 Acts of Love - MP3
Vaselines - Son of a Gun - MP3

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday; Phoenix, Dark Was the Night, Gorillaz, and more.

Phoenix made good on the recent release of their criminally intriguing album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (don't let the poor title fool you) by performing their singles "1901" and "Lisztomania" on Saturday Night Live last weekend with host Seth Rogen, making Phoenix the least known band to ever make an SNL appearance, narrowly edging out Fleet Foxes.

Phoenix - Lisztomania

Phoenix - 1901

I've spoken several times about the charity album Dark Was the Night - created by the National's Aaron and Bryce Dessner - before. Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (which is working again) has a video of the founders performing "So Far Around the Bend" with a little insight to the album itself. All of which somehow mysteriously alluded me until now.

The National - So Far Around the Bend

Pitchfork has led me to a Gorillaz documentary directed by Ceri Levy entitled Bananaz, and this crazy cool trailer. The documentary can be seen on Babelgum April 20. For those whose interests include comics, monkeys, Blur, fast-editing, light shows, and schizoid jubilation, watch the trailer here.

Sorry, but my computer might implode if I put too much on here today, so I'll just round out what's left. Here's the Bumbershoot line-up and some downloads. Enjoy.