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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eagulls - Tough Luck

Hey, man, wanna slow down with the electronica/rap dig? I mean, you like rock music. I know you. Yet you come here every day and I'm lucky to see it once a week. Once a week?! On the internet? It's literally impossible to think that there's just no new rock music worthy of your time.

Damn. That digs. Maybe I forgot who I am. Well, this band Eagulls from Leeds has been dropping in my inbox for a while now. They're pretty damn good. Not fluttery indie rock with a "dream pop" adjective attached. Just straight-up piss-tank rock music. It's pretty good. "Tough Luck" comes from the band's "Tough Luck"/"Opaque" 7", which comes out December 16 on Partisan Records. You should check it out.

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