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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Erik Berglund, better known as Swedish pop impresario ceo, has roared back with the first single from his forthcoming WONDERLAND LP, "WHOREHOUSE."

"If this don’t make you hate me and love yourself, then hate us both, then love me and hate yourself and then the other way around and then the other way again and again until your head spins so much you feel like hopping between neon glowing islands on a quad bike while being attacked by whirlwinds of shurikens too sharp to even hurt you mixed with flying kisses from fairy cheerleaders and all of sudden you hear the sound of laser you know and everything is white for like two seconds with a black and purple strobe in it and then you wake up in a cottage in a sweet bright daze until you start thinking and then all your past crushes and other phantoms slides up from everywhere singing their siren songs and your whole life flashes before not only your eyes but your whole being until you just can’t take it anymore and everything around you disintegrates and you find yourself in a void, on that quad bike again, just ridin’, feeling everything at once, without resistance, you’re doing something wrong

stop doing that
or die trying

ceo is you and you are me and i am ceo aka white panther aka ultra messiah aka mr yeah aka eric aka life aka you 

in eternity"

Stream the track below and get WONDERLAND from Modular People/Sincerely Yours, which will be released February 3 in Europe and 4 in the U.S.

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