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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

j. viewz converts veggies and fruits into "Teardrop"

Warning: This is furiously awesome.

Brooklyn producer/artist Jonathan Dagan, better known as j. viewz, recently posted a video (shot by Roy Rochlin) of him converting sounds generated from his Abelton software, through a Novation Sl MkII, connected to fruits and vegetables into the Massive Attack classic "Teardrop."

There's not much of an overwhelming complexity here, although the explanation makes it sound impossible. Really, he's opening up the currents (he explains early in the footage) through the Sl MkII and wiring them next to the food. Really, he could use anything, but the fruits and vegetables are just for fun.

What results is one of the most-fun loving and invigorating things you'll see today. Do yourself a favor and watch.

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