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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Johnny Brenda's, Feb. 1 - Buke And Gase (Preview)

Aron Sanchez and Aron Dyer, the same-named duo better known as NY piece Buke and Gase, are pulling themselves up. After years of twisting obscurity and figuring out their own mechanized ambitions, the two pieced together the metallic churn of Riposte in 2010.

Despite the size, as I've noted before, the two cull their sounds to seem bigger than themselves. Pedals - pedals everywhere. Watching Aron and Aron live as they maneuver their feet across a staggering amount of extra pieces seems exhausting. In a way, that seemed to be the living appeal of Buke and Gase - so much in such a small scene. The side-effect with Riposte seemed to be, however, stagnation. The band understood what worked but rarely strayed from it.

While the setup remains largely the same, the noise pop constructions on the band's latter two releases - the Function Falls EP and the recent General Dome LP - flirts with the idea of something bigger. The melodies twist into an experimental mesh, not necessarily dragging through to seem overly sensible. The methods are challenging, almost improbable to replicate considered how contorted the band's homemade instrument set is. It's the affirmative move from kitsch to positively unique.

Catch the duo in Philadelphia tomorrow night at Johnny Brenda's. The band will be preceded by fellow art-rockers Ahleuchatistas and Norwegian Arms. Tickets are still available here.

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