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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Bears: New Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks

Deerhoof, the misanthropic San Francisco four-piece more well-known for their utter fascination with an abundance of uncoordinated, unfiltered pop messy mesh, have been largely quiet since their 2008 release Offend Maggie.

A few days ago, the group's first single from their upcoming album Deerhoof vs. Evil, due January 24, 2011, via ATP Recordings. Get your first listen, and track list below, via One Thirty BPM:

Deerhoof vs. Evil (Tracklist)

1. Qui Dorm, Només Somia
2. Behold a Marvel in the Darkness
3. The Merry Barracks
4. No One Asked to Dance
5. Let’s Dance the Jet
6. Super Duper Rescue Heads!
7. Must Fight Current
8. Secret Mobilization
9. Hey I Can
10. C’Moon
11. I Did Crimes for You
12. Almost Everyone, Almost Always

Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks - MP3

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