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Monday, November 18, 2013

Mix: Bowls - The Token Jazz Hour (J Dilla Vinyl Mix)

It's rainy, I know. If you're from the East coast, like myself, then you've been swamped in cold wind, broken leaves, and shuddering overcast for the better part of a week now. There's no definition of autumn, but the gentle-hearted overlook of it is generally all about sweaters, apples, and something distantly familial. Maybe it is, but autumn to me seems to be a gradual acceptance of cold rain and darker mornings.

Maybe that's why this J Dilla vinyl mix from Nashville's Bowls is sitting so well with me. Dilla has a life's worth of material to be constructed into almost any form; subdued, vigorous, experimental, etc. For this hour-long effort, Bowls put together a collection of samples that so eagerly fit on this cloudy morning. Maybe it isn't cloudy where you are, but hopefully it fits your day too.

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