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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Newest Obsession: Clipping

Forgive me. My words to describe whatever the hell Clipping is comes directly from fellow 405 writer Wil Cook in his article about the other-wordly Los Angeles rap group.

"Clipping seem to be the logical progression from the Dalek, Death Grips and Shabazz Palaces' stream of consciousness. Two guys making rhythmical Tim Hecker style noise made into perfect swelling waves of cerebral hip hop."

In another word, the streamlined chaos of Clipping's midcity LP, available on the group's Bandcamp, is unheard of. The beats are disorienting, the pulse is fast, and the rhythyms are absolutely jarring. midcity is an experience that cannot be comprehended.

Aesthetically pleasing is out the window - midcity is furious art, made for the most visceral curiosities. For a taste, listen to "guns.up" below and just be ready.

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