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Monday, August 1, 2011

Before I Go ... Lollapalooza Mixtape!

As it has been since I started Bears and Bullets in 2008, early August means one and only one thing - Lollapalooza. By tomorrow, I'll be taking my annual stay in Chicago for the music festival with immense anticipation.

Nearly seven months after the festival's first lineup announcements, and four months since the actual lineup has been released, it's all set. So, before I go for my fourth time, here's a few notes for fellow fest-goers and a bonus (free) mixtape at the end.

  • Drink. Water.: It's nothing new or extraordinary, but never forget to drink. Chicago heat usually peaks around this time of year, averaging in the high 80s/low 90s consistently, and heat exhaustion isn't uncommon during the weekend. Bottles of water are made readily available across Grant Park, but for a cheaper and better environmental option the people at CamelBak have placed six filtered water stations around the grounds (check the map here). 
  • Don't Skip Perry's: Electronica/Techno/Dance music may not be for everyone, but even for the slightly curious fan, there's something more to music festivals than just the few bands you may be looking forward to. And especially considering the size of Perry's has greatly expanded with stellar acts set to perform, this year isn't one to miss.
  • Why Camp?: I don't mean actual camping because unlike Bonnaroo, you can't actually camp on the festival grounds. But a lot of fans arrive early, run to the mainstages, and don't move for the entire day because of a certain headlining act. It's not uncommon, but it completely takes away from one of the festival's more important joys - seeing what you aren't sure of.
  • Don't Be Lazy: Three-day passes cost at least $215, why are you spending so much time in a hammock and playing Frisbee? Go see the damn music.
  • When You Can't Decide, Go the Uncommon Route: Scheduling conflicts happen every day, every year. Most Lolla-goers aren't unfamiliar with seeing live music, so if you're undecided between one act you have seen between one you haven't - go see the one you haven't. It's my own personal rule to see as many different acts as possible, so don't take that last one too seriously.
So, I'll be off until some time next week. If you're going too, have fun - it's almost impossible not too. And for those who can't, stay with Youtube, which will be streaming the shows all weekend long.

And, as promised, grab this year's Lollapalooza Mixtape below.


1.) Billar - Ratatat
2.) Celestica - Crystal Castles
3.) Right This Second - Deadmau5
4.) Pull Out - Death From Above 1979
5.) New Direction - Black Lips
6.) Fucked From Above 1985 - Bloody Beetroots
7.) Morning Thought - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
8.) Circuital - My Morning Jacket
9.) Beyond Monday - The Glitch Mob
10.) Weekend - Smith Westerns
11.) Warning - Wye Oak
12.) You Know What I Mean - Cults

Download Here: ZIP File