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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Bears: New Local Natives Video - Airplanes

Los Angeles oft-blogged indie band Local Natives have debuted their video for "Airplanes," a cheap little video in a abandoned wintry home formerly housed by not-so-ancient ghosts.

The band's album Gorilla Manor, currently out in the UK, will be released via Frenchkiss Records in the U.S. February 16.

Local Natives - Airplanes

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Bears: New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Video - Skeletons

Nearly a year after the Yeah Yeah Yeahs released It's Blitz!, the Brooklyn trio premiered their video for "Skeletons," a ghost-ridden black and white noir take of the album's most sullen and somber moment.

The Barney Clay directed video also features a "making of," explaining the chilly tones of "Skeletons" (courtesy of Babelgum).

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Skeletons

Making of "Skeletons"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Bears: Beach House on Fallon

As mentioned last week, Baltimore's Beach House are set to release their Sup Pop debut Teen Dream tomorrow, January 26. The duo of Victoria and Alex made their television debut last week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (who's now getting his own Tonight Show rumors), performing Teen Dream's lead track, "Zebra."

The album, only a day from release, is already on the cusp of being referred to as "the best album of the year, so far" by no source in particular. We'll see how long that distinction holds out.

Beach House - Zebra (Live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)