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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Bears: Our newest obsession - The Pass

When I got my first listen to The Pass, a dance-pop act from Louisville that should be on the lips of indie fans and several variations of hipsters very soon, the first response that came out was Passion Pit. Yeah, there's the obvious sound resemblance (outside of Michael Angelakos's super-high falsettos), but the reason the name jumped out, more or less, was the impossibly enriching single "Vultures."

I'm not calling it "Sleepyhead", the Passion Pit single that essentially began their commercial success, but I wouldn't be surprised if "Vultures" did the same thing.

If the video, below, looks a little weird, it is. It's a play on dozens of popular music blogs, directed by Zach from We Listen For You.

The Pass' debut album, BURST, is due out September 21, via sonBLAST! Records.

The Pass - Vultures

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