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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Bears: New El Guincho - FM Tan Sexy

Here's the second taste from El Guincho's upcoming studio album, Pop Negro, and a little explanation of the album from Pablo Diaz-Reixav himself, via Stereogum;

"I started studying what makes them different but also what they had in common and I found out some really interesting coincidences. The reverbs they used (except for more “so-eighties” kind of tracks, all the rest were more keen on using different tap tempo delays as verbs rather tan proper springs/halls); the backing vocals production (there are super interesting coincidences between Michael Jackson/Quincy, U2, Bryan Ferry/Rhett Davies era productions, Mariah Carey/Walter Afanasyev, Nile Rodgers, Teddy Riley, Paco Trinidad in Spain, etc.); the way most of these guys used line + reamping style instead of mic’ing everything when tracking; the way they used stereo image and how they distributed sounds on space (this is where I found less coincidences and was therefore more inspired). I mean, I could go on and on about this if you want, I’ve been obsessed with this for last 3 years."

Pop Negro will be available September 14, via Young Turks Records.

El Guincho - FM Tan Sexy - MP3

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