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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Bears: More Atlas Sound

It seems that there is no force in the physical world that can stop the music-making machine that is Bradford Cox. The man behind Deerhunter has released even more songs from the Atlas Sound catalog, including a cover of early 60's doo-woop group Five Discs' song "Doctor."

The "Doctor" b-side is a low humming, sombering acoustic "The Screens," that steps a bit outside of the Bradford Cox norm. That being said, it's also incredibly endearing and unique; a must listen for any and all fans of his music.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Bears: Raveonettes "In and Out of Control"

Swedish shoegaze duo The Raveonettes have been promoting last month's release of their fourth studio album, In and Out of Control, with fellow shoegaze (and The Jesus and Mary Chain devotee's) newcomers Crocodiles on the Western leg of their current U.S. tour.

"The Chosen One," a bonus track to the aforementioned LP, was released last week. It's a nice little bonus to an already positive record, that really fits with it as well.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Bears: Tom Waits Live

When accumulating a list of living music legends, I tend to categorize my personal preferences to three icons; Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits. Each are them are at the top of the pantheon of story-tellers in American music (although Cave is Australian) and have extremely lengthy and successful careers to back it up.

Waits, with his notoriously raspy voice and lyrical genius, represents the American sound better than almost anyone today. His noir tales reverberate the creepy, dark, genuine personalities that many of Wait's records, from 1985's Rain Dogs to 1999's Mule Variations, have taken on.

His most recent venture, last year's Glitter and Doom Tour, will be released as an album by Anti- Records November 24. The two-disc will feature some of Wait's classic tracks along with his onstage stories, something Waits has become more and more known for in recent years. The only conflict listening to this is for those who haven't had the privilege of seeing the California-born Waits in person.

Tom Waits - Lucky Day - MP3
Tom Waits - Live Circus - MP3