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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Bears: New Dirty Projectors - You Against The Larger World

Part of the large pack of demos that didn't make the cut for Dirty Projector's next album Swing Lo Magellan, "You Against The Larger World" a shorter acoustic song than usual from the group, which only features Dave Longstreth.

So while it won't be released with the album at all, it still will be part of tomorrow's Record Store Day through Smuggler's Way. Listen below.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stream Rustie's BBC Essential Mix

One of the best new producers to emerge in the past few years, Rustie, has released a near two hour mix for BBC Radio, all of which you can stream below.

The massive mix features familiar voices of Kanye West and Drake, alongside Legend of Zelda samples if you can cue in on them.

Thursday Bears: Bon Iver on Ellen

Ellen is usually a fan of bringing acts attached to modern ones, but not necessarily the actual acts themselves (the group that covered Gotye, the man from the "Lonely Boy" Black Keys video). So when the show actually nabbed Bon Iver, it was a bit surprising.

Check out their performances of "Towers" and "Michicant" below.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Walkmen - Heartbreaker

The Walkmen premiered the fantastic eponymous first single from their upcoming Heaven album a few days back, raising expectations again for group's June 5 release. The new track, "Heartbreaker," (radio version only right now), which you can listen to below continues the band's shift towards poppy melodies and summer-esque guitar rock. Listen below.

New Death Grips video - I've Seen Footage

Given the fact that their videos are so low-key, and the group is so prolific, Death Grips are literally everywhere right now. Check out their action shot collage video for "I've Seen Footage," which was just released on their Facebook page below and grab The Money Store now.

New THEESatisfaction video - QueenS video

Supreme R&B and funk new-wave act THEESatisfaction debuted "QueenS," the first video from their insatiable debut awE naturalE. Watch the all-female kitsch fashion video below.

Wednesday Bears: Lollapalooza rough schedule released

With three-day passes selling out yesterday, Lollapalooza released their "which artists on which day" rough schedule. The announcement (click photo for larger image) came with the release of single-day passes, which are available now for $95.

Conflicts are inevitable (in life as well, but, forget about that), and it seems that Sunday presents the biggest challenge. Jack White, Florence+The Machine, At the Drive-In, Justice, and Sigur Ros are scheduled to play as the day's largest acts, so decisions are likely going to be made, and unhappiness will spread like, let's say, smallpox.

While Sunday seems unfortunate, days one and two should be comfortable, with a super-strong mid-card scheduled to perform Saturday.

Check back to Bears and Bullets for when the official schedule is released.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Gold Panda - 4

Gold Panda released his new gem "4," which you can listen to below, with a bit of a rant following the Soundcloud release:

"a track I made on a korg es-1 in about 10mins and jammed out for my mate called "Infinite Livez" to freestyle on at a last minute gig/dj set thing in Berlin a while back and I hadn't eaten much and also had to dj and I'm a shit dj but I just played a bunch of records anyway and Inf' helped me out by freestyling for me. He's a nice bloke and a great artist. I just made a cup of tea. Maybe I'll invite him over."

Tuesday Bears: New Hot Chip - Night And Day

"Night and Day," the second track we've heard from Hot Chip's June 12 LP In Our Heads, will also be released as a single June 4 via Domino Records. Listen here.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ty Segall and White Fence - I Am Not a Game

About a week ago, this Ty Segall and White Fence collaboration in Room 205 hit Youtube, after the duo's single "I Am Not a Game" hit. Now the two have another live performance, in the same place, of the aforementioned "I Am Not a Game." Watch the single below and grab their album Hair April 24.

Stream Death Grip's 'The Money Store'

Death Grips have been everywhere lately, which is slightly odd considering who they actually are. The Sacramento rap punks made waves last year with Exmilitary, and a few weeks back with their insane wall of live looped gif's, plus a Coachella performance last weekend (and next weekend).

So if you're still interested after all of that, here's the group's newest album The Money Store, available in full stream from their Soundcloud page. Listen below.

New Walkmen - Heaven

Earlier today, we got our first listen to The Walkmen's upcoming seventh studio album, Heaven. The new album is due out June 5 on Fat Possum records, with the eponymous single featured below.

Monday Bears: New Major Lazer - Get Free (ft. Amber Coffman)

Major Lazer fans just received an exclusive email of the "Get Free" single, featuring Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors in their mail box. You can too if you head on over to their site and add yourself to the mailing list. But, if not just listen to the awesome new single below.

Get Free (ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors) by Bears and Bullets