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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Bears: Phoenix on La Blogotheque

Phoenix, recent recipients of a 2009 Grammy nomination in the Best Alternative Music Album for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (although no one really considers a Grammy much of an achievement anymore; see why here), performed several toned-down songs from the aforementioned album on fellow Frenchmen Vincent Moon's Take Away Shows.

The increasingly popular group attracted a fairly sized crowd (by La Blogotheque standards, anyway) during their rendition of radio and commercial friendly "1901" for two newlyweds right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Really, other than the fact that lead singer Thomas Mars sings in English, it doesn't get too much more French than this.

Phoenix - 1901 (Live Via La Blogotheque)

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Via La Blogotheque)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Bears: TONY's Best Movies of the Decade

Yes, it's a bit of a departure from Bears and Bullets regular routine of new music MP3's and videos, and we haven't really touched base with movie news for a good amount of time, but seeing how it's the end of the decade and pretty much every Website out there is compiling at least a list of some sort, take a look at Time Out New York's version of the Top 50 Movies of the Decade.

The list is full of hits and misses, for me really, but ignore that judgement until you see my list (we'll say it's about a top 10 right now) at the end of this year, along with several other end of the decade lists. Check out the list here, so I don't spoil any surprises.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Bears: New Ted Leo

Earlier today we got the first in-studio taste of Ted Leo and The Pharmacists' heavily anticipated upcoming Matador debut, The Brutalist Bricks, with their new single "Even Heroes Have to Die."

It's the first album since the Indiana-born, New Jersey-raised Leo released Rapid Response last year via Touch & Go/Quarterstick Records. The sound resonates like some of his better work a-la 2003's Hearts of Oak and 2007's Living with the Living, is supported by Leo's raucous, punchy pop.

The Brutalist Bricks is scheduled for release March 9, 2010.