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Friday, June 27, 2008

2008 NBA Draft

The 2008 NBA Draft was today. To make this segment short, it was boring. Derrick Rose was taken first by Chicago, then Michael Beasley by Miami. Other than the important news, nothing much else happened.

See you next year, you boring son of a bitch.

Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin: 1937 -2008

The news of George Carlin's passing seems somewhat seldom in the media-world. There have been news reports, yes, on the passing of the comedian, but nothing to the extent of other media icons. Networks like CNN and MSNBC have noted his passing with short segments, but nothing to the extent of recently passed media journalist Tim Russert, who had entire hours of air-time completely devoted to him. As a fan of Carlin's work I feel like his career is being somewhat undermined, but if I asked myself how he would have liked to go out, he probably wouldn't want the media spewing fake sentiment on his grave anyway.

I'm not going to detail his career and childhood. I'm not going to tell you what movies he's appeared in, the books he's written, and the albums that he's sold.

I will say one thing though.

In the realm of celebrity, there are very few who actually stand out as poignant and important. There are even fewer who, at any stretch of the occupation, that have people who really listen to every word they have to say. George Carlin was one of those few people. He was the archetype of what every comedian dreams they can be, and will be remembered as one of the greatest - if not the greatest - comedians of all-time.

Carlin, 71, died at 5:55 PM yesterday in Santa Monica, California of heart failure.