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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bears and Bullets 25 Best Songs of 2008 (#20-#16)

Today, we'll continue the top 25 countdown with songs #20 through #16, including a free mixtape at the end of the post.

#20: Blind - Hercules and Love Affair
We'll start day two with another song that found its way as a free download on Itunes. Although I may not completely agree with Pitchfork's impossible praise for the single (anything with Antony makes them cheer), I can understand what people may love about this song so much. Keeping the with theme of this list's many dance and electronic and/or disco tracks, "Blind" keeps it's #20 slot because of the cross-breading of infectious dance beats and a minimal aspect of rhythm horns along with the awe-incredible voice of the fore-mentioned Antony Hegarty. With or without the hype, Hercules and Love Affair (official website) made 2008 their biggest year yet.

#19: Ready for the Floor - Hot Chip
Hot Chip's (official website) biggest hit, "Ready for the Floor," off their album Made in the Dark was arguably one of the best of their career. The song is an acute collection of what makes the band so remarkable - nailed hooks and quirks, heart-warming vocals, and an overall selling of replay, replay, replay. It's a single that stands as youthful and enormous, avoiding any careful miss-steps to demean its value.

#18: Graveyard Girl - M83
"Graveyard Girl" is the first single on this list that's somewhat hard to dance to, even though the possibility of doing so still exists. M83 (official website) has a knack for hitting teenage feelings where they hurt so good, with singles like "Graveyard Girl" and "Kim & Jessie" off of their Saturdays = Youth album. Yet, "Graveyard Girl" encompasses that which makes being a teenager so memorable - the unnerving legitimacy of unreal emotions to tell the story of an almost ordinary misfit. It's those unbearable feelings that let "Graveyard Girl" have an impact on the listener.

#17: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
There's a value in anything that Nick Cave (official website) touches that goes beyond the reasonable everyday artist. He's a Bowie, an Iggy Pop, and a Tom Waits, punching through his career anyway he sees fitting and always on top of his game. Back with his band mates The Bad Seeds after his Grinderman side project, Cave released Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, free-falling back into the messy blues and grind-rock tales of imagery and city-life. The title track off Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! proved to be Caves calling back to his story-telling roots. The tale of "Poor Larry" has a resurrected corpse walking among the living-dead (ha) into a world he wished he never he came back to. Cave's off-casual vocal telling alongside the brilliant mess that the Bad Seeds created alongside him once again made the +50 singer-songwriter ever so important in 2008.

#16: Palmitos Park - El Guincho
El Guincho's (Myspace) album Alegranza would have made my list of favorite non-English acts of the year if I had made one (I'm not sure if that's flattering by any means, but I meant well). The track highlight, "Palmitos Park," swerves through a mix of Spanish flourishes, and a delightful hint of light percussion caroused behind the on-cue cheering replays. I personally thank Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear for leading me to El Guincho and handing out the track and highly suggest you take a listen too.

Check Back Tomorrow for Tracks #15-#11

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